Combining Traktor software pro 3 (S4 MK3) with Maschine MK3

Hi there, I have a S4 MK3 and I was wondering if there is a way to combine DJ-ing with creating beats and making music. I sometimes use Ableton to make loops and you can load these for example in your remix decks, which is fun to do. I read some older things on Youtube of combining the two.

To be honest in the DJ ing I miss the creative part of creating your own music and combining them with existing productions.

Anyway is buying the Machine MK 3 a viable option, or?

Any tips, to incorporate DJ-ing with some creativity?

Thx in advance



  • lord-carlos
    lord-carlos Member Posts: 2,078 Expert

    You can already right now use ableton live and traktor together.

    I think the way is to use Ableton link to sync the both programs. And in ableton you should be able to also use the master out of the s4, same as traktor.

    If you want to cue your tracks it will be more complicated. You would need a virtual sound interface, then route the ableton output into a deck on traktor. That will also allow you to use traktor effects and EQ on what is playing in ableton.

    And sure, the same works for Maschine.

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