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I recently purchased Maschine MK3 and discovered the Libraries are huge and my Mac mini is near capacity. Can I simply move the shared Directory to and external drive and where do I tell the software the new location?

Using Mac mini with M1 chip and latest OS Sonoma.


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  • Sunborn
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  • bfarrellnz
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    You can set the path in Native Access under preferences and file management. Moving the content folders over does work but I've had some weird behaviour and errors which only resolved by reinstalling to the new path.

  • D-One
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    After you move it Native Access 2 will offer a "Relocate" option under "Repair" for all your missing products.

    I'd recommend a NVME SSD + external enclosure, it's the cheapest fast drives you can have, nowadays for about 100$ you can get 1TB or 2 depending on brand.

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