How to save / persist Controller Editor templates on Maschine MK3 hardware?

Golden Brown
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I know there are many posts about this already, but all the ones I read were on Windows with a simple solution "Run as administrator".

But I am on macOS (Monterey 12.3.1) on a 14" MacBook Pro (M1 Pro). I am using Controller Editor 2.6.2 (R547) and after scratching my head to figure out the simplest things like renaming pad pages, I created a template for Logic Pro X with some custom assignments. (Basically a drum machine, but starting pages at C1 instead of C-1 like the default NI template. Now I wonder why NI didn't think of providing this as one of the Factory Templates.)

Now after all of that blood sweat and tears (jk, mostly wasted time), I'm having to pull my hair trying to figure how to save those templates on the MK3 hardware. There just seems to be no way. I do see those templates on the MK3 hardware as long as the Controller Editor on my MacBook is open, but as soon as I close the Controller Editor, the templates disappear on the MK3 hardware and all I can see is the some god-damned Template 01.

And after reading about 100+ pages of the Controller Editor user manual, the only thing I found about saving a template is this,

..which seems to be talking about saving the templates on my computer and in the Controller Editor itself, but there is no mention about how these templates will be saved / persisted on the hardware.

So is there anyone who has solved this mystery?

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  • Vincent St. Chine
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    Almost the same issue here. My templates were persistent, and everything worked without the need to launch CE after setting it up. Now, after the recent update, they just won't stay in place, I feel that a problem is hiding somewhere in the background Agents that are establishing this "persistent" state of the templates, but I can't figure out a way to reinstall them.

  • Matt_NI
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    @Jeremy_NI Is that an issue a new / known issue ?

  • Jeremy_NI
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    Hey there, yes, it's a known issue with 2.15, there is a post with the solution here:

    Issue with Maschine devices not keeping the template in MIDI mode after 2.15 update

  • Golden Brown
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    Thanks @Jeremy_NI! That worked!

    Downloading from a Google Drive folder was a bit shady, but I guess it's safe since my computer is not (yet) locked out by some ransomware 🤞 😂

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