Machine 2.15 with Mk3 loads find but locks up when scrolling through sounds

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Before upgrade worked fine. After upgrade to v2.15 machine software loads fine, Mk3 loads up fine, select browser button on Mk3 then start scrolling on the Mk3 previewing sounds and then becomes unresponsive. Both Machine software and Mk3 unresponsive. MacOS beach ball is spinning - have to force quit Machine app on computer. Rebooted still same issue, reinstalled 2.15 still same issue. So downloaded previous version 2.14 and everything working again.

Computer: M1 Mac OS Monterey 12.3.1




  • JimNoonan
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    So I did some more testing. Not having the MK3 connected and reinstalling 2.15 and just running the Maschine software by itself as standalone. This 2.15 version locks up and stops responding and I am required to do a force quit. Going to reinstall 2.147 for now since that seems to be working fine.


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    Same here... I had to downgrade to 2.14 to get things working again. This is a major but in 2.15.

    M1 Max MBP

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