NI Komplete running on 2 pcs? (1x Main Pc / 1x VSL Server)

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I have a new minisforum mini-pc running as an vsti-server and it works well for all my other stuff (vsl/spitfireaudio...) but I can´t hear anything from Kontakt. I have installed all my stuff with NI Access on both machines to use it in one Arrangement... since I updated my vsl ensemble Pro Server 7 i can´t hear anything from NI Plugins...they work and load all their

sounds in it...also symphobia and other 3rd party plugins...all midi settings are right, but no sounds in my DAW.

Who has an issue for this special problem?

Thanks for any tipps & tricks

Nice Easter!!!


PC Setup

1x Ryzen9 3900x 32GB Ram 6900XT Graphics 2xSSD & 2xM.2 NVme

Win10 Cubase12 NI Komplete Symphobia Maschine Nexus4 Waves HOFA...

1x minisforum ryzen7 3750H 32GB Ram Vega

Win10 ViennaEnsebleProServer 7 Komplete Symphobia VSL Spitfire Audio


  • kryzzmass
    kryzzmass Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    I´ve found an issue - it was an user bug! xD sorry

    the Midi channels of the loaded sound was invisible...

    press the "i" button in the loaded sound, check the midi channels

    and it works fine!!!

    hope I can help someone with "same" Problems

    Happy Easter!


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