Komplete M32 and Ableton saving Template error?

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I am using the Native Instruments M32 Keyboard with a M1 Max Macbook Pro and Ableton Live 11.1 (demo) at the moment.

I want to set up a template which maps the 8 knobs on the front, to my own set up, ie: Knob 1 = EQ bass, Knob 2 = Ableton Track volume etc

I did this previously and set up all 8 knobs with Ableton fine.

Saved this as a 'template' and also as a .als song file as a starter template.

However when I re-load Ableton and load either of the template or .als project with my knob settings, it seems they are all forgotten?

Is this down to the NI M32 template internally?

I'm sure i set up the Komplete Kontrol, but wanted to see if others using the M32 with Ableton know what i'm doing wrong?

Or is this an Ableton issue?

(I do have another keyboard, M-Audio Oxygen 49 v3 and am sure this works with Live 11.1?


  • Jeremy_NI
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    Hey @ted2022 The M32 already has an integration in Ableton, it's automatic when you launch Ableton, as explained here: How to Integrate KOMPLETE KONTROL with Your DAW

    If you want to have your own custom settings, you need to put the keyboard on MIDI mode by pushing the SHIFT + PLUG-IN MIDI buttons on the keyboard itself, or remove it from your control surfaces in your MIDI preferences of Ableton.

  • ted2022
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    Thank you Jeremy_NI,

    This did work, so that the M32 is just a blank controller that I could then map my favourite Ableton plugins and FX to my way of working.

    I removed the 'Control Surface', Input, Output, from the Preferences, and mapped my knobs on the M32. I then saved this in Ableton 11.1 as a 'template' and even secondly, as a blank .als project file.

    You can see this from the first screenshot 1

    When I open up the Ableton Project or template again, on a relaunch, the 'Komplete Kontrol' is back in the slot 2, 'Control Surface', Input, Output, - How do i stop this? (Screenshot 2)

  • Jeremy_NI
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    Yes, unfortunately, the integration is automatic in Ableton. You would need to remove the control surface every time you open Ableton.

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