Where can I buy a second hand komplete 14 ultimate?

Matt Shadap
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Hello guys, I am new here, I heard that I can buy a second hand komplete bundle. Being a scholar/teacher and a full time musians/artist I would like to save some funds. I was wondering if I can buy the used komplete ultimate 14 at a reasonable price.. Can someone help me?


  • Ojustaboo
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    Depends what you call a reasonable price, as a long time user, I paid £269.50 in one of their sales to upgrade from Komplete 14 standard.

    Likewise in their last sale I paid £269.50 to upgrade from ultimate to collectors.

    Both of those were upgrade prices for people who already owned their products.

    If you think you are going to be able to purchase it as a first time user for anywhere near that price, sadly you will be out of luck. Of course anyone can sell their version for whatever they like, so could always check the likes of eBay, but I haven’t seen any for sale at anywhere near what I paid for my upgrade.

    Andertons in the UK currently have a short term deal offering an UPDATE from Komplete ultimate 8 - 13 to Komplete Ultimate 14 for just £179.50 which is a superb deal, doubt it will be that price for long.

    If you can find an older version of Ultimate (8 - 13) second hand and cheap, then you can upgrade it for £179.50, but don’t be surprised if that deal disappears at any moment. Suppose you could buy it now at that price while you hunt out a second hand older version, but don’t blame me if you can’t find one.

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