How do I lock the Reaktor browser size so it doesn't shrink when I load a small ensemble?

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I used to think there was a way to do this, but maybe memory serves me incorrectly?

I just want to keep the browser the same horizontal + vertical size as load different ensembles.


In 6.5 if I load a compact ensemble, the whole left-side browser shrinks too, which is disorienting, and makes it hard to scroll up and down.

I know that some ensembles have Panelsets with expanded views, but not all of them. And sometimes I just want a mini view but the full left browser.

What makes it harder is there's not yet a scalable Reaktor UI that I know of, per the earlier beta discussion.

I want to keep that whole browser locked, at a minimum. I don't mind having blank space on the right.

Any way to to make this less painful?


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  • Sunborn
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    This, never happens if you use Reaktor as stand alone. But it happens, when you load it as a plugin in a DAW, Komplete Kontrol etc. and for a good reason. It saves your space from unnecessary functions.

    Why? Because when we use Reaktor as a plugin we use it to play. If we want to edit or to create, we do it in stand alone mode. Of course you can also edit inside a DAW, but personally i don't see any reason for this.

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    @Sunborn I don't quite understand what you mean, can you explain further? I use Reaktor to browse inside a DAW, so I'd like the browser list showing various ensembles, patches, etc. I don't see why there should be an inconsistency between DAW and standalone, or at least, give the user that choice (unless it exists).

    Similar to other NI tools like Kontakt and Guitar Rig 7 Pro, where the patch browser doesn't change size just because the loaded instrument/effect rack does.

    So is there no way to do this at present? Sounds like you know more than I.

    Also, thanks for the cool ensembles.

  • Sunborn
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    ok, i understand,

    You can simply expand the panel in order to see the browser with the ensembles, by clicking the pencil icon at the top-left, as in the image below:

    However, unfortunately there is no way to make this permanent. Next time you will load Reaktor again, it will start again in "compact" mode.

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    @Sunborn Ah thanks, this! At least it can help if I’m settled on an ensemble and not actively navigating around.

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