What's the main difference between Traktor X1 Mk1 & Traktor x1 Mk2?

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So I currently have a Traktor S2 MK3 which most people will know is missing the extra FX banks at the top. I have researched that you can use the Traktor X1 as an extra device to gain access to those missing banks and I would like to know what the key differences are between the Traktor X1 MK1 and the Traktor X1 MK2?

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    Maybe this helps.

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    The biggest difference is the touch strip. If you wish to beat match without sync and want to tempo bend, the X1MK2 is perfect. It takes a little getting used to but it can be a great way to mix manually when you are used to it.

    Phil at Digital DJ Tips has this video explaining about the touch strip:

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    I adore the touch strip. I mix a lot of disco and funk and use the touch strip to pitch end up/down like I would use a turntable. Works perfect after a little practice.

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    Yep, me too and for the same reason. I use DVS at weddings and I play a lot of funk/soul/disco and sometimes the dance floor can be a little too bouncy for the turntables. The touchstrip is perfect with a little practice.

    I wish Z2 had built in touch strips 😋

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