Lost Playlists in Traktor

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I recently got a new Macbook Pro M1 Max. I initially had issues where it would crash each time i tried to use it, but i disabled multicore processor support in the settings and this fixed things.

Everything has been working fine for a few months, i have created many large playlists and recorded several mixes. But when i just tried to open Traktor, it was as though i'd just installed it and i had to set everything up again and re-enter all my settings. As such, it has lost all my playlists.

I contacted NI support and they recommended i follow the below link which basically tells you that each time you close down Traktor, it creates a backup of all your settings and playlists, and you just need to "Import Another Collection" from one of the backups to restore things.

I followed this recommendation and there was only one backup to chose from, and it was the one created when i last opened Traktor and all the playlists had disappeared so this was no use to me.

The same thing happened to me before Christmas on my previous Macbook Pro and i was also unable to recover my playlists as no backups had been created.

So there's two issues here:

1) Traktor is crashing and losing all my settings and playlists

2) It's not saving backups each time the program closes (which is what it's supposed to do according to the following article.

Anyone else had this issue and no what's causing it and how to recover my playlists?




  • Kaiwan_NI
    Kaiwan_NI Administrator Posts: 2,441 admin

    Hi @mozzatron sorry for a late reply here. Do you use iCloud Storage Optimization by any chance?

  • Tony O Donovan
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    I have the same problem , I got a warning message about iCloud storage , i unticked the box and open traktor to find it starting all over from scratch , very very very annoying

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @Tony O Donovan unfortunately if "Optimize Mac Storage" is turned on in iCloud Drive, Traktor data can be lost. It's recommended to disable iCloud completely on your Mac.

  • Ainia
    Ainia Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    hi Taiwan my optimize storage is off but I still lose data

  • cortexjoel
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    Given that most people want to optimize storage, you would think that NI would have written some code to overcome this issue. Also given that this issue dates back quite a while - it does not reflect very well on their service level.

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