Will Native Instruments ever update iMaschine or port M2 to IPad?

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Apparently this is a question that won’t occur to anyone else for another few years.


  • Mutis
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    That path was suggested directly to NI but when M+ was developed they were still too much x86 centric.

    Nowadays it seems Apple Silicon transition has been took in consideration so who knows?

  • Matt_NI
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    I don't really have an answer about what the future might look like but I can probably say that I don't think iOS is really the priority at the moment.

  • GoKeez
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    Oh well. A man can wish. Thanks @Matt @ NI there’s freedom in closure 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Aaron McPherson
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    I would like to see the iMaschine 2 packs continue - that was a really nice way of sampling an expansion, and I assume it wouldn't take too much work. The app itself is fine, just take my money!

  • TVbene
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    Using a Maschine controller on iOS with an app closer to the desktop version would be incredible. Last year I began to play around with a few music making apps on my iPad and it can be so much fun and really powerful! Since NI already went this way with iMaschine I think they should at least keep an eye on iOS and keep up some development of the app.

  • Kubrak
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    I guess, much better would be if Apple ported MacOS to iPad.... The life would be easier for all. Maybe except Apple stockholders...

    For example Microsoft Surface Pro is similar to iPad, but it runs normal Windows. Any aplication that runs on Win PC/notebook also runs on Win tablet.

  • GoKeez
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    So Logic is now on iPad. And it’s brilliant. Many huge names from Roland, Korg to Fabfilter have been on the platform.

    Meanwhile, NI made the conscious decision to leave the platform.smh.

    We all know a bigger, badder iMaschine with class compliant mk3/micro would be huge but we also know NI doesn’t gaf about what users want.lol. If they did, Maschine+ would have been made upgradable like Push 3 is but that’s a whole different can of worms.

    Is what it is.

  • nightjar
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    NI past efforts with iMaschine were in a different era of a rapidly technology & creative tool marketplace.

    NI needs to give a fresh look at how they can capitalize on the current and future state of iPadOS in coordination with macOS.

  • Mutis
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    NI had the assets when Traktor Dj2 universal app was alive. All the libraries, code, … and it seems it was ditched not repacked for next round (I hope be SO wrong on this…) so it seems all will grow over x86 and following that market (so implementing new technologies from desktop to mobile instrad opposite) and Traktor for iPad will arrive when Apple force it. It’s a shame since in the meantime Djay Pro will be implementing new features years ahead (like stems and third party controller support like Pioneer/Rane’s) but roadmap seems like that.

    iMaschine/mikro/class compliant were adviced in the old forum.

    Standalone dashboard (which could had been designed with upgradeable cpu like Push3) was adviced (even in PM to Maschine devs) alongside “green movement” giving old hardware a second life (like NI did with Jam) but those ideas weren’t well received (but maybe will be implemented in the future and someone get the credit for them instead recognize the old forum contributions…)

    Anyways… only NI could do or not these so users can just wait, rant or jump. Also build (some of us) but it doesn’t worth the effort.

    Desktop? Get Vdj.

    iPad? Get Djay Pro.

    iMaschine? Get Zenbeats with MV1 or BM3 with akai controller.

    Standalone keyboard? Wait for Mainstage for iPad. Probably will appear before a KK+…

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