Native Instrument Komplete Audio 2 Software Bundle

Do any of the softwares listed below that came with my Audio 2 allow the ability to record youtube audio? and teams meetings?



  • Triggi
    Triggi Member Posts: 48 Helper

    Hi JD,

    I don't know the limitations of the essentials version but you can normaly record into maschine. Also the audi interface comes with ableton live lite.

    But for recording the incoming signal from internet you have to do some routing either with an interface ( you need more flexible outputs or a matrix mixer) or with another software.

    If you're on windows you can try this:

    Hope you'll get what u want!

    Best regards!

  • Triggi
    Triggi Member Posts: 48 Helper

    Fresh from NAMM if your on mac:

    Audiomovers OMNIBUS 3.0 Audio-Routing-Tool 

  • reffahcs
    reffahcs Member Posts: 775 Pro

    Not really sure I understand your question. Any of those programs can record any audio depending upon your audio setup and routing. You can record YouTube with Audacity if your routing is setup correctly.

    Are you asking how to record any audio that your PC/Mac is playing through the normal speaker output?

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