using Maschine as an FX unit in a DAW

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I'm able to load maschine as VST effect in my DAW (cakewalk).

i can direct DAW audio to maschine sound/groups and I can load an effect in a slot and to apply the maschine effect to the incoming audio.

what I cannot understand is if I can use the patter editor as a "gate" to apply the effect only on "Note on" events in the maschine piano editor, or to use the pads to apply a particular effect to the incoming audio to make a sort of live performance.

in a few word, i want to apply a maschine effect to the incoming DAW audio only when I press a pad on maschine hardware (and record these events)



  • Milos
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    Search on Google: Maschine as FX.

    Maybe you will find the results you are looking for.

    Let me know if you found any.

    Have a good day, sir!

  • darkwaves
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    If you're using the MaschineFX plugin as an insert: It might make more sense to do the automation in your DAW by simply by mapping some sort of control to enable/bypass maschine. This is probably the easiest.

    If you're familiar with reaktor: It's pretty trivial to create an ensemble to have the audio signal switch from one output to another via midi. I made one a while ago that used the modwheel to fade between two outputs. One output went to another pad that had effects. One went out without effects. IMO, this is the most capable (but I may or may not be a reaktor fanboi).

    The sequencer in maschine can't automate bypass, but you might be able to automate wet/dry. Alternatively, you could have a somewhat complex setup using sends. Audio comes into a pad 1. Put your FX on pad 2. Use a send to route audio from pad 1 to pad 2 pre fader. Now you can automate the volumes of pad 1 and 2 as your wet/dry options. You wouldn't be able to handle this via pads - it would be handled via the knobs (though I suppose you could make lock states to control it via notes coming from your DAW).

  • bosone
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    thanks for the interest! :)

    i thought it was simpler, i will have a look at the suggestions.

    i imagined it was possible to assign an fx to a maschine pad and then use the pad to turn it on/off and to record the automation. i will dig more! :)

  • D-One
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    You can send the Audio from the DAW to a Pad with an FX on it but you can't just press a Pad to activate / deactivate it.

    Also, Maschine has only 4 inputs.

    Generally, this would complicate automation a lot, I dont recommend it, theres really no advantage I cant think of VS using regular send FX on your DAW.

  • bosone
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    understood thanks! :)

  • 6xes
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    if you are utilising the maschine controller in midi mode... the desired affect can be utilised with a gated button... note events usually do this by default.... as when you hold down a note the effect is applied... it turns off when released...

    to achieve this functionality inside of your host daw... with maschine as a plugin... you should be in midi mode... with your button assigned to a note.... or a gated button CC value instead of trigger of toggle... the gated value then needs to be assigned to the plugin you wish to activate... by using either the "Learn" or "auto"... this is an aspect I've found useful especially in reaper!

  • bosone
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    thanks but that could be achieved with a standard controller also, not necessarily maschine in midi mode.

    i thought the interesting point could be to automate the FX in maschien pattern editor but, as suggested, a standard midi automation in the DAW would do the same trick :P

  • 6xes
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    Maschine lock states is also a useful means of automating FX either over a period of time... ie. 1 bar 2 bars etc

    lock states albeit FX states can also instantly activated at the press of a midi button

    investigate Maschine lock states and you'll see how powerful it is

  • LostInFoundation
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    I would also investigate this user created Reaktor ensemble which opens up a lot of possibilities regarding using FXs (e.g. what OP asks to do, turning on an FX pushing a pad and therefore being able to record this in Maschine Patterns)

    Credit goes to the ensemble creator, @anzbert

  • anzbert
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    Thanks @LostInFoundation for mentioning my tool. I think it actually does exactly what @bosone was asking for in the original post. It has some advantages and disadvantages compared to using lock states, depending on what you are after.

    So yeah, hope it's useful :)

    edit: as an add-on idea, i could see a different solution as well with changing lock states by sending program change messages from another device or host app. I made a tool before in Max4Live that converts note messages to Program change messages. That could be useful for controlling lock states live too. Just see the Pattern Changer tool on this page, if you are using Ableton:

  • LostInFoundation
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    About the second part of your post: this can be achieved also directly with Maschine internal abilities.

    Lock States, Scenes and Sections can be controlled by midi messages, if set up properly in Maschine. And of course midi messages can be recorded.

    I just would like Patterns to have the same feature…

    Unless you are talking about something “more” than switching from a Lock State to another one (or Scene, or Section)

  • Kymeia
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    Unfortunately the FX version of Maschine has recently been removed in VST3 which is a huge step in the wrong direction

  • anzbert
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    @LostInFoundation Ah yep, I know that you can send Program changes. I just mentioned that tool, because OP wanted to send notes, and my tool converts them to PC messages. It's nothing fancy.

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