Changing keyboard pitch

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Is there any way to go up/down semitones when I play notes on my M-Audio midi keyboard with the Maschine MK3? So when I press C1 for example, I want it to play B1.



  • Vic Angelo
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    Transposition is possible, but it's a tiny bit of workaround.

    First.) Load the Instrument onto a Sound Pad, In this is example use PAD 1

    Second.) Select any other PAD (important, inside the same group), lets say PAD 5 for this example

    Third.) on PAD 5 press "CHANNEL", then go to "OUTPUT". Press the "RIGHT ARROW" twice until you find "MIDI"

    Forth.) Set the "DEST." to the Sound you want to transpose (PAD 1 = S1) , Set the Transposition amount (-1 in this case) channel doesn't matter in most cases.

    When you play into PAD 5 it will send MIDI into PAD 1 transposed by -1

  • Don1990
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    Thanks for the help Vic!

    However, this is somewhat embarrassing on NI's end. I had my first MK1 in 2009, the software was lacking a lot of (basic) features, which is understandable of course because it was kind of revolutionary at that time. So I sold it 3 years later hoping to come back when they had updated the software to an extent that it AT LEAST has basic features like this. Now almost 15 YEARS!!! later, and still basic features like these are missing...incredible.

  • tetsuneko
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    You actually can transpose incoming MIDI, but you must then resort to using MANUAL mode (SOUND - INPUT - MIDI), where you can set input port/channel/note individually

  • Don1990
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    Could you explain this in depth please? When I go to SOUND - INPUT, what do I do exactly from there?

    There are 3 options: MIDI source, MIDI Channel and MIDI Thru

  • tetsuneko
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    Apologies, I misremembered. You can only set MANUAL MIDI mode for a Group, not for a Sound

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