Traktor 3 4-channel Maschine Jam mapping anyone?

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Any chance someone still happy to share?


  • c0nsul
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    Have a look here:

  • WarriorLite
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    Thanks. Did not consider it as potentially not compatible anymore.

    Has anyone got it to work?

  • lord-carlos
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    Why not compatible? Old mappings with Traktor 3? Should still work.

  • WarriorLite
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    Great to know. I think I read somewhere issues appeared around v.3.62 or something at least. A common issues with consecutive versions of ableton.

  • Stevan
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    Any chance someone still happy to share?

    Not sure what you mean. Are you talking about some already existing mapping that was deleted from the Internet?

    Also do you have other controllers in your setup and do you mix internally or externally?

  • WarriorLite
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    What I was asking is if someone has got a mapping they have been improving and is happy to share.

    For Maschine Jam, I would see the role of either a 4-channel main controller, with cues, beat jumps, loops, filters, effects, volumes and other goodies or of a remixer for deck c and d as well as effector device. Or maybe combine all of the above thanks to paging? The plethora of buttons&encoders combined with paging makes this not impossible. Still perhaps there are still other applications.

    I am aware of commercial solutions but would love to get a private-developed mapping, which I could fork and further developed to share with others.

    As for other devices, I am waiting for the delivery of f1 to find out how it can assume one of the above roles. Still looking for the sweet spot of functionality and simplicity.

    Meantime, I have checked out the Maschine Jam Mapping by Great Space Robot and found out some of it at least is not working.

    Another reason why it would be great if someone could share, say, a public domain one they have been updating and further developing. I am aware there are commercial ones, but the major synergy is in community / public domain / private initiatives.

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