Play sample at the END when sampling

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Hey guys,

When I am sampling in set the start and end points. However, when the sample is long, I don't want to preview the whole sample when editing the end point. I believe there was a way to play it just a few seconds from the end point, but I am not sure how to do it on the MK3. Any tips?



  • darkwaves
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    Put this in the "share ideas for maschine" sub forum. The SP404 has a similar function that allows you to check how the sample loops. It would be a useful feature for maschine's sampler.

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    Done, thanks!

  • D-One
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    I said this on the suggestion thread but I'll repeat it here too in case it helps anyone:

    On longer chops I always temporarily change the Start point closer to the End point so I can focus on setting the END right, then I go put the Start point back to where it was - It's a bit of an annoying workaround but makes things way more practical when dealing with long audio, especially if you like zooming in a lot.

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    Just replied to you there. For the people that want to read up on it:

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