Compatibility nightmare.

piddlyb Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

I have an Mk1 Traktor S4. Is there any way I can get it working on a fully activated version of Traktor 2 Pro?

I have a traktor S4 mk1. I've tried everything to get it connected to Traktor Pro 2. I've tried downgrading my MacBook, but it is no longer possible to downgrade as far as is needed to have a compatible OS. I've tried demoing Traktor Pro 3, but that's not compatible. I've converted an old Mac to a Windows OS and whilst Pro 2 works in Demo mode, I am unable to activate my Pro 2 software because the service centre does not connect to the internet (even though all other web pages open fine). Also when I try the 'Buy' option, the only available software to buy is Pro 3 (not compatible, as previously mentioned).

In this current economic climate, buying a new controller is really not an option.

I believe I've exhausted all options. It seems my S4 (which is still in perfect working order) is no longer usable. Does anyone have a solution, I'm out of ideas.



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