S4 Mk3 - Mixer FX Not 0% at 12 O'clock

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I just received my S4 Mk3 and noticed a strange quirk. If the Mixer FX button is ON for a channel and the mixer effect is changed via one of the 4 Mixer FX buttons, there is a pop/blip in the audio for that channel. I discovered the mixer FX knob is not truly off when turned to the 12 o'clock position. I can see this by looking at Traktor's internal mixer GUI - at 12 o'clock, the mixer FX registers somewhere between -2% and -6% depending on channel. No channel successfully goes to 0% at 12 o'clock.

This happens for all channels on the S4. I also have an S3 and this does not happen. I believe it's because the S4 has better knobs that 'snap' more at 12 o'clock. I can get the S4 to truly disable the Mixer FX by holding it just right at 12 o'clock but it reverts a tiny bit as soon as I let go. It never totally kills the FX by setting to 0%.

Regardless of the pop when changing effect, leaving the mixer FX on while at 12 o'clock applies the effect to it at the low percentages mentioned above. For example, if reverb is the effect, the channel has the -2% reverb applied at the 12 o'clock position if the button is ON for that channel.

It seems like the Mixer FX knobs need calibration but that's not one of the options. Has anyone experienced this / can they test? This is quite an annoyance, especially since it is not an issue with the S3 and the S4 is superior.

No other functions have this issue from what I can tell, although I performed all calibration options on first connect of the S4 (for the EQ and FX knobs). 12 o'clock for all of these knobs successfully applies 0%.



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    Voltmod Member Posts: 3 Member

    Well, turns out this is user error. When I calibrated the mixer section, I did not realize it said to include the Mixer FX knobs. I re-calibrated including the mixer FX knobs and now all is well. Sorry for this post, please delete if desired. Thanks.

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