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I have a friend using Ableton Push 2 for his live set. He use a fonction wich make him able to move a whole song in a scene on Ableton. While his live set, he put every single song in diferent scene. So he can switch for a song to an other without cut directly with Ableton push 2

I would like to know if its possible on Maschine +?

And i would like to know if what i said before is possible, can i load a plugin on a pad to play aside on a midi controller while a song is played on scene

In short, i need to know if i can on liveset, switch from a song to an other with maschine + and play one of my song’s element on midi controller too, at the same time

Thank you


  • Milos
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    I would recommend experimenting all of that inside your room.

    Try to imagine your room as a place for a gig and try using Maschine + there.

    Then, if you think the device, effects, plugins and tracks are ready, you can start the real gig on a real place!

    I wish you the best for your live play and have fun!

    Let me know how it was, good sir!

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    The main difference - if he's using a Push 2 then his computer is doing the hard work. Plenty of CPU power, storage space and RAM. Also the computer can handle warping/time stretch for multiple tracks easily.

    Using a M+ to do it, there are limitations.

    As Milos says, try it out. We don't know how many songs you're planning to use, or what you plan to do with them.

  • CH7
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    I think he is asking if there is a way to have two projects loaded, and then swap between the two. Or audition one project whilst another is playing. No amount of experimenting is going to make this possible.

    I have asked in the past for a way which allows you to maximize the potential of the expansion packs.

    What i had in mind, was similar. eg a way to have a main project open, and also have a b/ project that you could copy paste from.

    Imagine being able to copy a midi part from an expansion with its sounds/sample, and then paste that into the main project and then tweak the timing to allign it to whatever you had going there.

    The alternative would be an 'append project feature', but this for live sets, would lead to hughe project files.

    Its looks to me as if he would need to have two instances of Maschine open on a computer, and 'some how' swap between them, eg share audio and midi resources. Or get a secod MaschinePlus and swap with that.

    or between Maschine projects, you could simply play a prepared file/song. lol

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    Two Maschine+ units is the way I'd personally do it. That way, you also get the redundancy against one M+ crashing unexpectedly during a set, you could immediately switch to the other one and keep the music going while the other one reboots

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