Why does Native Access still show Komplete Kontrol version 3

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Being unhappy with the new Komplete Kontrol in version 3 I searched the web and found I was not alone in hating the changes to the browser. I have downgraded to 2.9.6 from the official download however now Native Access shows the installed version as 3.1.0 when in fact I have 2.9.6 installed. Will this cause any issues moving forward.

Also the issue of not all the icons are showing for many of my expansions. Tried the fix from the net but didn't work.

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  • Sunborn
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    This is happened because you downloaded the downgraded version to 2.9.6 through a link provided here by admins and not through Native Access. Therefor, Native Access is not "aware" of this, thus you still see the newer version.

    Still, this is not really important and there is nothing to worry about. If and when you decide to upgrade a simple uninstall/reinstall will be enough.

  • Sunborn
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    For the other issue, that "not all the icons are showing for many of my expansions" please provide some screenshots of them, though a simple "relocate" option should fix that. In worst case scenario, you might be need to uninstall and reinstall those expansions.

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