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Hello, I’m trying to purchase Traktor Pro 3 from the website, it is currently on sale for $49 down from the regular $99. When I add it to my cart and try to pay it asks me to log in. Once I have logged in I get kicked out of the purchase menu and get a screen that says “cart is Empty” if I’m already logged in the Traktor pro 3 page won’t even load. Is the $49 price for people who already have Traktor pro 2? I’ve looked high and low and have not seen that disclosed anywhere so I’m at a loss. At this point I’ll pay the $100 but it won’t even let me select that option. I’ve tried this on multiple browsers and even on my phone with the same result. Someone?



  • Harald Walker
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    Are you maybe using your izotope account (in case you have one)? Since both use to login it is easy to select the wrong account in the password manager. Do you have the correct country location selected in the store?

  • PoorFellow
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    The $49 is the price for anybody and does not require any previous ownership. If there is an update option available also that is cheaper I don't know.

    Quote: "I’ve tried this on multiple browsers and even on my phone with the same result.". This is the most 'worrying' , especially if when using the phone you are also using mobile network data mode rather then local network (wifi). But if you are using Wifi then make sure that you are not using any kind of VPN . And as for the use of the phone then be sure that you are not using Wifi. Else try from network connection of a family member elsewhere !

    As suggested by Harald Walker then also make sure that you are logged into correct site using correct password. Prior to doing anything else then when logging in the go to the products and serials page to check that you are correctly logged in !

    Other wise , then since you have already , quote : "tried this on multiple browsers and even on my phone with the same result." then most likely reason for your experience would be that there is a temporary issue with the N.I. site or a problem related to your account. To check if a temporary problem then try again later or another day ! For any other issues with site or with your account then contact Web-shop and Orders Support ! I do not know if the Traktor Pro 3 offer is part of the 'all other Cyber Season offers' , but if so then it will be valid to January 15, 2024 and you ought then thus have enough time to get the offer. Also please notice that until December 31st there is an additional voucher offer though I can guarantee use-ability then it appears as valid for most N.I. software offers ! (Please check page bottom for conditions that applies)

  • mk.mnl
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    I also pretty much have the same issue. Mine is I can't add the pro 3 upgrade to my cart, may it be logging in on the site directly from my laptop browser or if I use the Native Access program. I'm also willing to pay the higher amount ($49 vs the $24.50 upgrade since I already have pro 2) but it still won't let me. No one has responded to the ticket I filed nor is there a number that I could call. I tried reaching out to NI via Instagram and twitter/X but to no avail. Frustrating!

  • zephry
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    I noticed the website was extremely slow loading today. Maybe there was heavy traffic and the purchase just wasn't being recognized. The rest of my web browsing was almost instant. That was at about 12 noon US Pacific time.

    Maybe the past few days are getting heavy server issues. Since it was Christmas.

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