KONTROL D2 Legacy/Revival

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I refuse to part ways with my Traktor Kontrol D2 (x2) decks.

The displays are highly capable with some GitHub upgrades (search for Kontrol D2 screens) and the multiple function faders and knobs are perfect for fx with dual modes.

Also, using the sliders for AI mix modes (on various software) is ideal with the hardware layout on the D2, and the form factor of dual-decks with stem control and a jog-pad is ideal for many workflows. D2 is a terrific product and is designed to be future-proof.

Therefore, I propose the following for the D2:

  1. Offer a firmware update to Kontrol D2 to operate with Serato DJ 3.11, and Algoriddim DJayPro AI
  2. Offer a Kontrol D2 factory midi file that can be edited with QML/HTML signatures easily

In addition, it may be helpful for any legacy/revival hardware to have a simple HTML midi editor to help users quickly remap and edit MIDI mapping outside of Traktor.

The Traktor interface (GUI) for MIDI mapping is not intuitive for many users.

Opinions aside, having a standalone MIDI tool seems like a business opportunity - I'd pay for it.

My preferences have been to use Rekordbox simply because of the ease of use in pro-dj world, I prefer single-mode use-case workflows - with limited dual-mode. Multi-modal controls in live scenarios is not as quick, and tends to get confusing. I don't like using Serato because it automates a lot of key DJ functions that i would consider performance enhancing. I love TRAKTOR because it's flexible and customizable.

My qualifications:

Currently a Professional DJ.

Currently a music producer for Techno.

Currently own Traktor Z2, two Traktor D2's

Currently own two Pioneer DJ CDJ3000's, Pioneer DJ DJM-900NXS2, DDJ-1000, DJS-1000

Currently own two Rane 12's, Rane 72 mk2


  • EmaS
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    Hi, I love the D2. Actually own 2 of them ( using together with a Denon X1850)

    I'm interested in the firmware for Algoriddim.

    How could you send it to me ?

    Waiting for your reply


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    Compatibility with the D2 (or any other controller) to Algoriddim DJay can only make/program Algoriddim itself the way Virtual DJ does it

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