how long should you wait for a Download or serial? 12/7 -12/19

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bought a Machine plus 12/7/2023 awesome very happy with it, i used the voucher and personally bought s few expansions three deferent transactions where made all on the 12/7/2023, i understand its holidays and its busy , but i also understand that a it should not take this long when it took less than 24 hours to take my money and we are talking about a link to an app that you force me to use i would have loved some communication about this issue i also have two tickets in on 12/9 - 12/13

also just checked my order history and my transaction are gone not sure if that is normal but i have all information in emails if needed

hoping me crying about it helps get this fixed


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  • Milos
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    If you are wondering where your serial numbers for your expansions and plugins might be, you should go to the NI site,then the account icon and then go to the 'My products and serials', just my guess.

    As for the Maschine+, you kinda have to wait...

    But you will get your device, no worries!

  • PoorFellow
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    It is not normal if your order history is gone , when logged in your order history should be here if logged in to correct account !

    If it has been 10 days and you have not received any response to your ticket then I will call for @Jeremy_NI (so that he can) please take a look as to why the tickets have been buried !

  • Rolyat
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    that would be very helpful! And yes, I am logged into the correct account. Same account that I used to log into my machine plus when I received on the 12/7 it is also the email that all of the purchase , receipts and help desk tickets

    I just feel nine business days waiting for a download link and email or in this case, with native access downloadable content is pretty crazy. Very happy with the machine plus standalone amazing……but this experience has been very unpleasant

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @Rolyat My colleagues got back to you earlier today. Sorry for the wait.

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