servicing my Maschine MK3

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Does anyone know where, how and how much it would cost me to service my Maschine Mk3?

knobs are very lose know, it often changes parameters by itself, and one of the screens is brighter than the other.

I'd like to give it to someone capable and maybe with the stamp of approval of NI if possible.



  • PoorFellow
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    Would maybe have been beneficial to know in which part of the world that you are located ?

    Anyway , if in the US then you could try asking these guys for a price estimate. If in the UK try asking here !

    You could also try asking Native Instruments though I am not sure that it price wise would be worth the repair compared to buying a new unit on a sale or a second-hand of e-Bay or where ever...

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    Is it under warranty? If not I'd expect a hefty 150/200$ total price, contact HW tech support and see what they say.

    Word of note: If they replace your knobs they will become loose again over time, it's related to the parts they use, it's a known issue of the Studio/Mk3, unless they somehow replace the PCB/Knobs with the part they use for the Maschine+ (doubt that very much) which has better knobs. (in your shoes I'd inquire about this)

    I've replaced knobs myself so anyone decent with a soldering iron can do it.

    Knobs moving on their own is from my experience electrical interference / ground loop, experiment with using different power outlets for your pc/speakers.

    The screens are more complicated, one of backlight Leds probably died for some reason, having this part replaced from an unauthorized repair sounds a bit risky because to access the screens you gotta remove the acrylic glass, afaik.

  • donmaddonald
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    ok guys thank you!

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    Got an update?

  • donmaddonald
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    I did't end up servicing it, as I had other issues that doesn't have nothing to do with NI... I guess I will ether service it in the future.

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