Do you get individual codes for each copy of Komplete Select 14 included with Hardware?

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I have bought three devices that come with Komplete 14 Select. I received one key when I registered the first device but did not get another key when I registered the second device.

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  • Kubrak
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    Well, it depends.....

    I mean, not all NI HW is bundled with Komplete Select. But, if KS is bundled, NI account should show as many licences of KS as many bundled.

    In most cases registering HW should do and licences of bundled SW should be listed at your account. But that is true for newer HW. For older HW it may happen, that SW licence has to be added to account by hand. The licence number for SW is listed on leaflet that is in little black square paper box.

    I am not sure, but for example A25, IMHO, does not have KS bundled. Maybe except now at NI Sale....

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    Sounds to me as a registration mishap. Contact N.I. registration support so they can take a look at it :

    It is possible that there are some special rules about offer only valid for one unit per customer , but not knowing if then I doubt that that is the case. My guess is that it is just a mishap (N.I. are not new to those 🤣) .

    Just approach support politely and if you do not receive a response within a week (there is a sale going on and they will be swamped even weeks after it ends) then politely update your ticket to reflect that you are still waiting for a response !

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