black screen kontakt 7

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I have the same issue described in the following entry:

The described solution refers to windows computers, but I am running an Intel (I7) IMac with Sonoma 14.1.2 (Graphics: AMD Radeon R9 M295X 4GB).

How can I solve the problem? I just bought the update to Kontakt 7


  • Sunborn
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    It is still a graphics adapter issue.

    If your graphic adapter does not support some requirements, KONTAKT will open with a black window and will not function.

    It doesn't seem to have a clear solution. Check some relative posts here.

  • Rainer
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    The problem described also applies to Guitar Rig 6.

    The procedure described below worked for me (Mac OS 14.1.2, Sonoma). The solution works both with the standalone version and when used as a plugin in Ableton Live (11.3.13)

    1. Create a shell script by opening a text editor and entering the following lines:


    export QSG_RHI=1

    export QSG_RHI_BACKEND=opengl

    "/Applications/Ableton Live 11"

    2. Save the text file in any folder, e.g. with the name

    3. Execute the following terminal command to make the created shell script executable:

    chmod a+x

    4. Open a Finder window and navigate to the folder in which you have saved your shell script. Right-click on the shell script and select "Open with..."

    5. Select the last option displayed from the pop-up window: "Other..."

    6. In the window that opens, first select the option "Activate: All programmes" and select the "Always open with" option

    7. Select the Terminal app from the Applications/Utilities folder

    8. You should now be able to start the shell script in a Finder window with a double-click.

    9. This solution described above works for the plugin version in Ableton Live

    10. If you want to achieve the same for the standalone version, instead of starting Ableton Live, you only need to start Kontakt in the shell script:


    export QSG_RHI=1

    export QSG_RHI_BACKEND=opengl

    "/Applications/Native Instruments/Kontakt 7/Kontakt 7"

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