Traktor Pro 3 with Hybrid DJ decks

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I have been using Traktor Pro for years but miss my vinyl turntables and want to incorporate a pair of Reloop RP-8000 MK2s, which have BPM counters on the turntable.

I plan on running them through an Traktor S4 which being a 4 channel mixer can take 2 Traktor decks and 2 vinyl turntables.   

My question is, is the Traktor software capable of analysing of the BPM of the vinyl in real time which can then be shown on the BPM counter of the Reloop turntables and ultimately sync'd with digital tracks within Traktor?

I have no intention of using the pads and cue points etc on the Reloops. If the BPM counter on the RP-8000s is not going to work with vinyl, i may be better off with a set of RP-7000 MK2s.

If you have a better idea to accomplish what i am trying to achieve, please shout!

I hope this all makes sense and thank you in advance for any thoughts.



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    Traktor has a good Timecode Setup option and can synchronize 2 vinyls or 1 vinyl + 1 internal etc. That means, it can do some kind of BPM analysis from vinyl, otherwise, how is possible to synchronize them?

    This is my just my hypothesis, since i never saw a clear answer on that, plus i don't use vinyls so can't answer from personal experience. However my hypothesis is based on facts and seems very logic (since tracks synchronization requires to know their BPM).

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