Does Noire Work on IOS 10.14.6 ?

salwa Member Posts: 2 Newcomer
edited November 2023 in Tech Talks

I downloaded a version of Native Access 3.2.3 (Intel) so that it can run on my IOS. It runs well, but when I go to download Noire (along with the Kontact application that it needs to run the software) Noire does not download. I tried downloading Kontact 6 player separately into the applications section of my Mac, under the folder "Native Instruments", yet when I went back to download Noire into that same folder, it still did not download - and notified me that the path I chose was invalid. I tried many different paths and they were all invalid.

There is no .nicnt file anywhere in the Kontact folder either.

I cannot update my Mac so I really hope there is a way around this!



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