Any PERFORM FX third party alternative?

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Hi guys!

I am after some third party multi fx vst plug in to use as a stock PERFORM FX alternative.

In particular im looking for something that has the same "hold and trigger" (if you release it, values get back to normal) thing, that make the stock PERFORM FX enjoyable to use with a touch strip.

I am looking for something with more robust overall sound, easier filter swapping, and something that is more flexible in terms of integration.

Don't mind free or paid product.

Thank you in advance!




  • Milos
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    I have something even better than third-party effects!

    Maybe Guitar Rig 7 Player is good for that.

    It has Modifier section with Input Level effect. (super-useful effect btw)

    That effect controls the knob based on the loudness of your input signal, and when you release the note, make a pause or something, then the knob goes back.

    However, these modifiers only control the effects inside the Guitar Rig, not the other effects inside your in-DAW Fx rack.

    If you want even more professional sound and even more creative effects, then buy the full version or just download the 30 min demo of GR7 Pro for free.

    GR7 Pro is also great for sound design and making dozens of sound effects from a scratch (I made the ultra realistic heartbeat sound just by using Noise Maschine as a source, and then from Modifier section and some automation of the knobs, the results were fantastic!)

  • PortableDJs
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    Thanks for sharing, appreciated

  • Milos
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    No need to thank me!

  • dmori
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    I just got The Finger that allows me to do this.

    Great fun (and half price at the moment).

    Add as a Reaktor FX in its own group (sound slot).

    Now point your other group/individual sounds to the finger in MIDI output (off the top of my head)

    I then use a different midi controller/keyboard and assign it to The Finger - so it only works with it. This way you don't have to be in the group or on the finger sound slot for it to work. You can be on any instrument/sound in Maschine and the MK3 as normal and it will still work.

    Then have lots of fun. 😎

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    There are many options out there, depending on which fx you prioritize.

    Cabbleguys has tons of offers, including the huge ShapperBox but that amount of fx gets a bit pricey, their YouTube shorts are the best in the game, seriously worth checking:

    Flex Beat:



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