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It looks like I'm just the most recent in a long list of disgruntled customers asking why payment has been taken but my order still under review (2 izotope plugins bought on Friday).

If any NI customer service members spot this could someone please reply considering I've had no response from the NI or izotope customer service departments (and find it hilarious that the izotope email is basically unmanned according to the automated reply I received when reaching out to that address directly).

I've seen reviews and posts along these lines with customers out of pocket and waiting more than a week for an order to be manually approved which seems absurd. Even much maligned rivals seem to offer better customer service than this, so at this stage I'm getting close to requesting a refund / cancellation and purchasing something comparable from waves instead...


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    It is as it is , meaning there is e.g. no Customer Care in the the forum in the weekends. And while I do not know if Support is working in the weekend then I can give you this direct quote from forum customer care :

    Quote Jeremy_NI : As said before, this is the busiest season of the year so a little patience is required. People in support are working really hard and they will have to continue to work extra hard for the next few weeks/months, I can understand the frustration

    I can try calling for @Jeremy_NI (at Jeremy , user also opened this one) , but please understand that he is swamped with work also ! So while easy to say but hard to do then customer patience is required here during the sale ! The good news is that N.I. is no small candy store so you will get what you paid for or a refund if need be !

    (I am just another user and I don't work here and opinions expressed are my own !)

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    Many thanks for your reply, I appreciate you taking the time to respond despite just being a fellow user.

    I've seen the company line about staff being swamped with work but it seems that if customers don't actively demand a response (on a forum of all places) then days can go by without any form of reply from NI customer services. It's a bit of a weak stance from their side though (imho). This is a large company and asking for patience from customers because staff are swamped is a bit of a cop-out (not by you, by NI).

    It just leaves a bad taste in the mouth and if I'd known this was likely to happen I never would have placed the order.

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    @ROConnor Our offices are closed on the weekend and you contacted us on Friday evening, on top of that we're on the middle of the highest season, my colleagues will get back to you as soon as possible.

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    Hi Jeremy, thanks for the reply - In fairness it's not unusual for companies to have staff manning enquiries over weekends, perhaps an automated reply pointing this out to customers would have been useful in terms of managing expectations. I appreciate that this is a busy period but I don't think it's unreasonable to expect some form of response from customer services (but again, if nobody was there to respond this would explain the lack of reply).

    I'm not trying to be difficult, I'm just keen to receive a product I paid for on Friday. I was keen to get using the software and it would have come in handy over the weekend. I have never experienced a situation where there was such a long delay in receiving a download from a software company (and I have made plenty of purchases in the past).

    Thanks again for the reply, it is appreciated.

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    Yes it would be typical best practice for a corporation of native instruments size to post some worthy communication on their website that states there will be delays due to weekend orders or whatever else is holding up the train. A little effort to properly communicate and not act like they're doing us a favor in selling us their merchandise would be called for. This is especially true since they are not just delaying the order they're taking the money up front? If they're going to do that then they need to put some communication on their website concerning such

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    @Jak Already got back to you in another thread, my colleagues will get back to you shortly.

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