Izotope Order - Under Review - Shocking Lack of Customer Support

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It looks like I'm just the most recent in a long list of disgruntled customers asking why payment has been taken but my order still under review (2 izotope plugins bought on Friday).

If any NI customer service members spot this could someone please reply considering I've had no response from the NI or izotope customer service departments (and find it hilarious that the izotope email is basically unmanned according to the automated reply I received when reaching out to that address directly).

I've seen reviews and posts along these lines with customers out of pocket and waiting more than a week for an order to be manually approved which seems absurd. Even much maligned rivals seem to offer better customer service than this, so at this stage I'm getting close to requesting a refund / cancellation and purchasing something comparable from waves instead...


  • ROConnor
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    Conscious that this is posted across 2 categories. @PoorFellow if you think it's best for me to delete one of these please let me know. Apologies for pulling you into this but thanks for your help.

  • PoorFellow
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    We users may be able to edit own posts bu we can not delete posts or threads.

    Also , you didn't pull me so nothing to be sorry in that connection , I chose to respond myself , partly because I wanted to assist you and as in the case above here then trying to help Jeremy navigate and get through it all faster !

    Best regards 🙂


  • ROConnor
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    Hi @Jeremy_NI - I'd really appreciate an update on this. We're into the 4th day and I have yet to receive a reply to my ticket let alone the products I paid for on Friday.

    By way of comparison I purchased a plugin from a different company last night. Immediate download instructions and had it loaded in my DAW within 5 minutes. I really don't understand what the issue is here, and why NI can't even provide a timeline for processing a simple order made days ago.

    Please, please, please send an update or escalate this to the relevant team.

  • Shlitser
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    I'm facing the same issue with my order from 11/22/23, still under review with no update or response. It's frustrating and disappointing.

    NI customer service Please...

  • ROConnor
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    It's pretty poor imo, I can see a lot of complaints along these lines and it seems NI have no interest in resolving this ongoing issue.

    I would ask any NI staff reading this to ask themselves if they honestly think this is fair or appropriate treatment of paying customers - would you be happy if you were in our position, and what would you consider an appropriate means of resolving this issue? It feels like absolutely nothing being done to manage expectations from what I can see, and statements that it's the busiest time of the year are a weak excuse.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    FYI: There's an issue in our shop affecting some users and it's being actively worked on, you should be informed soon if you contacted support already, we'll also share more in the forum, once we have more information.

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