Features I would love to see in the next Maschine Software Update :)

Selecta Monty
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I love the Maschine software but there are a few things that can be added that will make it great and so much easier to use.

1: Being able to snap notes to a 1/6, 1/4, 1/3, 1/2 or a bar and being able to strum chords with drawing on the grid will be a big plus.

2: Being able to use a blade tool to slice audio and re-arrange clips freely on the grid along with the loop tools etc that other DAWs have to do grid editing.

3: Ghost notes on the grid so we don't have to switch back and forth between scenes, patterns or channels to see what we played in another track.

4: 2 extra auxes and VCA faders for more precise control.

5: A better automation lane to do precise drawings.

There are other small issues i have especially with connecting to other DAWS but i believe if these additions were made there will be no need to use other DAWs or do hardware mappings with my maschine mk3 to logic, fl and ableton.....and it will be really dope to use my maschine mk3 with maschine software 2 and not need other software :)


  • jt maher
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    🎶 NI is about to drop an update to maschine + soon,

    Can’t say what’s on it,

    Don’t want to sound like a baboon,


    Rest In Peace Maschine + Users,

    The end is coming soon 🎶

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