Routing Maschine sounds into individual Ableton channels

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Hi all,

I am new and just bought a Maschine MK3. I really like this groove box and trying to find the ideal workflow for me with Ableton. I found a workflow on Youtube by Beats by Danny that I want to explore to get more out of the Maschine MK3 and Ableton. He is talking about making a template by first routing Maschine MK3 sounds into individual Ableton channels.

In the first part of the workflow I already got stuck 😂.


  1. Open Maschine VST in Ableton
  2. Open VST Maschine window
  3. In Maschine go to mixer of group A1, when it opens, you see the 16 channels (Sound 1-16)
  4. Then click on the IO button (left)
  5. For all 16 channels change the ‘group’ label to Ext. 1, 2, 3, etc.

Changing Sound 1-6 with Ext. 1-6 was not a problem, that worked. But when I get to channel 7, I can select Ext. 7 but the ‘group’ label does not change. When you find the Youtube video of Beats by Danny - How to use Maschine MK3 and Ableton workflow tutorial 2018, it is around minute 2, when he explains the above.

Can anyone help me to fix this?


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    So, you are unable to change the Output of Pads starting on Pad-7 onwards? It just gets stuck in "Group"?

    What if you try here? :

    Is Maschine up to date?

  • JLSpace9
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    Yessss, it worked! Thanks!

    There is also a different way to set this, but that did not work.

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