MWM Phase Traktor HID

Now that MWM has sent NI what they need to implement HID for Phase, how long do you think it will be before it is implemented?


  • PK The DJ
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    Atomix have already added it for VirtualDJ.

  • Scratch-E Con
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    If NI wants to show a sign of good faith: the next Beta

  • lord-carlos
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    What did Phase do?

    From searching around I found this blogpost but they seems they removed it again:

  • myalteredsoul
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    Today’s firmware update opens up Phase HID to all DJ software.

    Per MWM, they have already reached out to NI, Algoriddim, VDJ, and Pioneer (VDJ already put their implementation in beta).

  • LucidSFX
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    Agreed. I had contacted Phase MWM and they confirmed communication with NI but it is up to NI to implement. Sounds like a no brainer.

    Phase mentioned that their Phase Manager release was taken down due to bugs but they plan to re-release it soon. I figured as much. Initial emails to me where saying that it was a "soft launch" but that is not the case.

    Algoryddem's DJay already implemented the integration (felt like same day). I am committed though to NI having bought Maschine+, X1 MK3, and been a long time Traktor user since v1. The main reason I use Traktor is for DVS, and library management (became a fan because of Midi flexibility). I use mostly outboard gear and spin off turn tables. I do not use the FX much, or care for step sequencing, stems, since I have Maschine+ as my 3rd deck.

    Integration with PHASE MWM would be a beautiful step forward and a priority to get the hardcore turntablists back. After which, I would hope that they would replace Ableton Link with a new integration to Maschine+ to avoid relying on a master tempo (boo!). Finally develop a hybrid turntable (like Pioneer just did)...would be killer!

    I realise I go way ahead of myself in the thread. We can only hope that NI takes this update seriously.

  • Owner
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    edited December 2023

    We Traktor users will definitely not be the next ones to benefit from this. I assume that we will be last or that it will even not happen at all. If you look at the pace of development steps based on the roadmap (which is no longer even updated), then this would not be expected until next summer at the earliest. (Of course, I would be so happy if I was wrong and it happened sooner, but I really don't think so).

    Btw. I shouldn't wait and had to force myself to do the firmware update to 8.0 so that I can try out VirtualDJ with Phase in HID. Turned out to be a huge mistake. The sticker drift on Traktor is now much worse than before and Phase keeps recalibrating itself while playing, which leads to signal loss. They are now absolutely useless to me and I have to wait until they offers a solution or a new firmware update comes out.

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