Looking for the send knob

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...in traktor pro or on the s2 mkiii / x1 / x2

i just havent managed to locate it, or found a mapping for it

might sound stupid but i just want the dry/wet (or any knob with mapping) on the x1mki / x1mkii or the fx / action / filter knob on the s2mkiii

turn the send knob up and and down again and get lingering effect tails ringing out from say a delay or reverb

but it doesnt work that way, first you need to press the FX 1 or 2 button(s) in the mixer section, then turn on the effect on/off button, then turn up the dry/wet knob

if above is true and you have the effect set to post fader you use the effect on/off button as a send, but a button is pretty much on, or off 🤣

any solutions?



  • Stevan
    Stevan Traktor Mapping Mod Posts: 1,561 mod

    Deactivate effects while keeping the D/W opened will leave the effect trails.

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