Release Notes not available from the Updates page

Jdiggity Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

Is my version of NA bugged, or are there no release notes available from the Updates page?

After the recent "gotcha!" NI pulled on everyone with the "now requires k7.6" updates, and their response essentially being "you should read the release notes", I'm left wondering why I can't read the release notes when I'm looking at my list of available updates?

I would assume the Updates page is where NI would realistically expect us to actually perform the updates, right?

The suggestion that it's actually more reasonable to go through your list of 400+ titles, to find the individual product/s that need an update, read the release notes for that single product, then click update for that single product, then go hunting for the next one in the list, and repeating the process for the next 25+ pending updates... I dunno, it feels a little disingenuous?

There is a wonderful "Update All" feature included in the Updates tab, which we are now essentially encouraged to not use.

So I guess I'm not sure if I'm asking a question, or making a request, or starting a discussion, or if this has been addressed before (I did search and read a bunch of threads I thought looked relevant), but if UX is of any concern anymore (doesn't have to be priority #1), could we please see a bit more love put into the updates process? I don't know about others but I probably just won't bother updating things if it's going to be this tedious going forward. Or do you all update from the main list anyway?


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