Searching for Module/Macro or Core That Holds & Outputs Last Non-0 Value Sent from Multiple Inputs

juanholdero Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

Been searching for this with no luck. I need a module, macro or core set up that will hold (for a potentially unlimited time period) and output the last given non-0 value from multiple inputs.

Background: I have many modules that each contain a Midi Select Note Gate programmed to a specific note and a multiply value that take the input from the Gate and multiplies it with a specific unique constant. I'm searching for something that can essentially 'remember' that last note pressed, which I will use to switch a Stacked Macro display accordingly via a panel index.

I'm fairly new to this so I welcome any criticism and advice for this. I'm open to any solution, but I'm genuinely lost even though it seems like a fairly simple context. Thanks (:



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