Possible to stitch images in G.I.M.P. like Jknob does?

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Jknob is nice, but it's very unstable and I'd like the freedom that G.i.m.p. offers, but i don't know how to make a stitched image, anyone else know if this is possible?


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    Is Jknob = jKnobman?

    For to use stitching (hor or vert) only and your sys supports 32-bit

    Here is an older pc software to stitch graphics

    unstitch is possible also

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    I did the same thing stiching images and nothing worked. If were on the same page here, make sure the "always on" selection is turned on. It's been a while and I don't remember, but I was trying to show several images an selecting them with a knob value. But somewhere in the picture area is an "always on" in the properties.

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    Yes, Jknob is Jknobman, its nice, and skinman is ok...but if I were able to use GIM.P I'd have a whole lot more flexibility, ill check out the link, thanks!

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    I don't think there is a way to stitch with the standard gi.mp plugins, but there is probably a few 3rd party stitch plugins out there.

    Or you can use irfanview. Click the thumbnails tab so you see all the frames. Look for the option to create a contact sheet, and set it to 1 colomn and as many rows as you have frames. Set the image height to be multiplied by the ammount of frames so you get a long stiched image. Set borders to zero. Then export it.

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    I merge all my stuff here:

    This is for PNG images but there's a link for Jpegs and other stuff at the bottom of the page.

    If merging horizontally or vertically doesn't work from the first try, just switch to the opposite and back again and it will work.



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