How to transfer my drumtracks from Maschine SW to Ableton Live correctly

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Hi everybody!

I´m new and learning, so please excuse my maybe stupid question:

When I programmed my drums in Maschine SW or played it with the Maschine MK3, and i´m happy with them, how do I transfer them into my DAW (Ableton Live) correctly and in a way not to loose any quality of sound? I do not want to get them as one .wav, but every single track in Maschine SW as a single track (MIDI) in the DAW, so I can continue programming them in the DAW if necessary.

Thank you in advance and all the best wishes!


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    Can’t help you with Ableton Live specifically but in general you’d want to use Maschine as a plugin in your DAW and send the MIDI from the DAW to Maschine or even have your whole drum Arrangement in Maschine running in sync with your DAW.

    The topic is rather wide. There are official support articles and tutorials around on how to use Maschine as a plugin, some even on this forum.

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    Thank you @ozon !

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    Depending on which system you work this does not work correctly for the moment. (Apple M1 VST2 does not work). The upcoming Update will bring VST3 and hopefully a working system again.

    There are several workflows to do this... and I was coping with the same problem, cause I like to use Maschine Sounds AND user interface for drums.

    My way is as follows:

    1. I setup a drumset in Ableton Live and use Maschine as a Plugin. For Kick (1, C1) I use the Plugin, all other notes in a chain following this. Not so easy... you have to understand Ableton Drumrag and Maschine Midi-In for Sounds.
    2. I can now play Maschine (and hear the sound) and record into Maschine OR I can play the same sounds within Ableton (e.g. using Push2 or your Keyboard)
    3. I can drag and drop Midi from Maschine to Ableton Clips. Very nice!
    4. With a trick (via Midi Notes) I could trigger Scenes within Maschine from Ableton Clips (not the way I chose, because I want all Midi within Ableton in the end).
    5. And you can directly record Midi within Ableton (with Push2 or other device) triggering all the Maschine Sounds.
    6. You can use Midi-Out from Maschine! But I did not manage to use Midi-Out and In in the same Song/Projekt. Maybe the new VST3 will provide that. This will be the solution for nearly everything concerning this subject.

    It is not so easy to setup a proper drumset within Ableton using Maschine. But once achieved, you can change the Sounds in Maschine... so you only need one template... Look Out for some Youtube Videos about this subject. There is a german guy who really digs into this:

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    Hey @winihh , thank you!

    I will try to understand and get it. I think my knowlege about this and other toppics around NI an Ableton will grow in the next time, and i will get it. Also with help of your answer and all the others.

    Thank all you people so much for your answeres and help! This is how all this makes fun and bring it into a nice way to learn!


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