Native Access installation ok but don't run Windows 7

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Hi !

I bought a Komplete 6 bundle with license Ok, installed it on my Rhizome machine (running windows 7).

The installation is ok but not possible to get the offline activation file. I did download the compatible version of N. Access, installation ok but when I launch it nothing happens.

I did make the C++ update, without effect and start in debug mode, but it refuse to open the NA windows.

Any idea about that ?

Thanks a lot

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  • Vocalpoint
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    Answer ✓

    Suggest you file a ticket with NI Support.

    Komplete 6 is from circa 2009 and chances of any of it working in 2023 is slim - especially with Native Access 1.14 - which did not even exist back then.

    I believe back in 2009 - authorization was done by an app called Service Center. Or even possibility some process older than Service Center - it was a very long time ago.



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