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Hi all.

First time on here. I currently have a Z2 (on the fritz because alcohol was spilt on it) and a Mixars Quattro (defunct since they shut down shop and wont be providing any more support, but I've already got the mixer so might as well use it, right?).

I downloaded and have been using a mapping on djtechtools and it covered most of the functionality related to the pads, browsing etc.

The mapping seems to have been made with the expectation that the mixer will be used in external mode, but I want to use it in internal mode to take advantage of Traktor's internal mix recording, levels management etc. The Quattro will work in internal mode (already played a quick set earlier in the year), but some of the basics I rely on with the Z2 had to be done on the laptop, which gets finicky.

I have tried looking at the Z2 configuration and as far as I can tell, there is no way to access the OEM midi mapping for the shift + loop move functionality from the Z2 and then map it to the Quattro.

Anyone have an idea of how NI managed to get the Z2 to have shift + loop encoder move a loop forward or backward without having to set a specific size first?

Any help with the general direction to go and/or what mapping approaches could work will be much appreciated. Loop move is a fundamental part of my play style so any assistance will be appreciated.

From what I've gathered so far (I have little to no understanding of mapping and it feels like pulling teeth with my feet when I try, but we persevere nevertheless), a modifier eg shift button would be required. Along with the modifier would be all the mappings attached to the encoder.

Image of the Quattro attached. Hopefully high resolution enough to zoom in if need be. There's a loop rotary and shift button for either side.


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    I don't have the Z2. But you should be able to get shift to act as a modifier in any mapping. That would enable the loop to be moved.

    Mappings can get really complicated to explain in a post.

    Loop move, if I remember correctly needs another command to choose the type of move.

    Without having Traktor open in front of me I can't tell you exactly. But mapping that function should be possible.

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