Preventing all hot cue LEDs from activating when one cue is pressed

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I'm putting together a fairly advanced mapping of a Launchpad Mini MK3, and I'm trying to achieve:

  • 8 buttons on each side are mapped as Select/Set + Store Hotcue 1 through 8 for each deck. These work as intended.
  • These 8 buttons should always be lit in a dim colour which corresponds to the type of cue (e.g. no cue = no light, load = dim yellow, fade in = dim orange, grid = dim white).
  • When one of these buttons is pressed, it should light up in the bold colour (e.g. load = bold yellow, fade in = bold orange, grid = bold white).

I first tried mapping seven "Hotcue [X] Type" out assignments to each button, with a modifier so that, for example, if the cue type was Load it would be yellow, if it was grid it would be white, etc. This works, but when the button is pressed, there is no change in colour (i.e. I can only choose one colour for the LED to be and it does not react to a button press - the colour is just static).

I then tried "Select/Set+Store Hotcue" outputs with the same modifiers as the above "Hotcue Type" outputs. This successfully lets me have one colour when the button is not being pressed and a different one when it is being pressed. However, when I press ANY hot cue button, ALL buttons light up - from what I can figure out, the issue is that since all 8 Select/Set+Store Hotcue inputs are essentially the same thing on the input, and only after the input is it being decided which hotcue it is, it treats all of them the same (i.e. the problem wouldn't exist if there was a "Set Hotcue 1" and separate "Set Hotcue 2" control rather than 8 generic "Set Hotcue" controls with Hotcues 1-8 established under the button options. It seems really weird and annoying that there are separate "Hotcue [X] Type" outputs but no "Set Hotcue [X] inputs or outputs).

I finally tried creating MIDI Button 1/2/3/etc. mappings. This works, but as there are only 8 of them, I can't use this method. If Hot Cue 3 on Deck A and Deck B both have MIDI button 3 outputs, both will light up bold when either one is pressed.

I'm not really sure where to go from here - is there a solution to this within Traktor as it currently exists? Am I just going to have to hope that at some point Native Instruments adds "Set Hotcue [X]" outputs to the Controller Manager? Or is this an issue that's associated more fundamentally with how the Controller Manager is structured and this just isn't possible without a complete ground-up overhaul of the way Traktor interacts with MIDI devices?



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