Sonoma / macOS 14

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This is literally insane...

Last night I updated to apple's latest security update 12.7.1 and I was running Monterey. I was working on music today and my laptop (purchased in August 2023, M1 MacBook Pro) just turned off and I couldn't turn it back on again. There is nothing that could have done that except the apple security update since I keep all my sound libraries on an external ssd.

I brought it to the apple store and they said it was a software issue. They tried a "revive" which did nothing, and they had to totally reset it which forced an install of Sonoma.

Now nothing in native access is installing. I've tried everything. Am I correct that I won't be able to use anything native instruments related since Sonoma isn't compatible?


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    Try installing Rosetta 2. I am on Sonoma and having zero problems with Native Access but I already had Rosetta installed, since yours was a reset it probably doesnt

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