Using the s8, on Traktor Pro 3, on Mac OS Sonoma, on a new machine.

Ben Love
Ben Love Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

Running Traktor Pro 3 on, a new machine with just the S8 plugged in. I don't really have any other option, as I don't have my other Mac anymore. I have DJ gigs coming up, one next month and a few in December. To simply my setup, I can get away with these gigs using just the S8 on its own. I know Traktor, is not supported yet on Sonoma, but who gets a shiny new Mac, then downgrades It to the previous OS? Plus now its got my backup restored onto it. Has anyone tried, to run Traktor the latest version, using just the S8? If so, what bugs did you run into if any? I really don't want, to go down the route, of partitioning my drive into two, and installing the previous os on the other one.


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