Cubase missing KK instruments

Barry Doublet
Barry Doublet Member Posts: 14 Newcomer

So I am currently using the v3 of KK. I have gotten use to the layout and how it functions.

I have already reported an issue with instruments (Spitfire) missing from the lineup, but now I have just found another issue.

Using Cubase 12 pro on Windows 10 pro. I have just loaded an older project that I use KK in and none of the instruments or loops have loaded up. All other data is there but the KK window is blank and I am having to search for the instruments/sample/loops to load them manually.

Note: This should have the Modular Icons BaraBara instrument.

This is not typical with every old project. It seems to be effected to some of my works from 2 years ago (2021)

Could it be related to the fact that my library was on a different hard drive 2 years ago?


  • Barry Doublet
    Barry Doublet Member Posts: 14 Newcomer

    Just updated to v3.0.1

    Still songs loading without KK finding the instruments

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