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Dear All,

I'm a huge fan of Traktor DJ Pro and an experienced user of this software.

I think that Traktor DJ software needs more attention from NI. In my opinion, NI should break with the idea that this app is mainly the software counterpart of the DJ hardware they sell (or at least intend to). Traktor DJ should have a life of itself, as an independent DJ software, being able to compete with Rekordbox, Serato and VirtualDJ, to just name the largest ones.

That said, one of the priorities of NI should be the development of native support of hardware controllers, mainly those from the main brands, as a way to captivate more users to Traktor software platform. Traktor shouldn't be dependent of curious and tech savvy users to bring functionality of major controllers to the platform. Take the VirtualDJ support of controllers as an example. It is much larger and updated that Traktor is. Filling the potential gap of a larger user base that doesn't want to be in the hand of the Pionner DJ / Serato monopoly should be the target for new versions of Traktor. And having "out of the box" compability with the largest possible number of hardware controllers should be a priority for NI. This strategy could also contribute to sales in NI hardware side.

What do you think about it?


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