3.6.2 Logic/NI sample rate issues.

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I have recently downloaded updates for 3.6.2 and now my Logic projects are all suffering with sample rate issues.

Error while trying to synchronise audio and midi

Sample Rate 22,193 recognized.

Check conflict between Logic Pro and external device.

I have tried to amend sample rate on both NI and Logic to 44.1 but still get the same issue.

When working on projects directly in NI (Maschine2) I am also getting severe stuttering so this is not just related to the logic/NI links.

How can I restore previous version of Native?

Will it work if I uninstall Native and reinstall? Will that lose the links in the logic tracks to the instruments I have previously recorded?


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    Kontakt 7.7.0 update has solved the problem. Thanks NI!


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