Maschine + KK MK3... A compromise?

ItsStatic Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

Alright, everyone is either upset or couldn't care less about NI getting rid of KK MK3 integration with Maschine, and to be fair, I'm a bit upset about it, it just narrows me back down to get a KK MK2 keyboard compared to MK3.

Anyways, with all this talk of it, could NI be planning to release a Maschine-only keyboard? (as well as midi implementation in general) designed for Maschine as opposed to Komplete Kontrol?

If they are; here is a little thought of mine

It is essentially a MK2 but with 4 touch strips (maybe 8 for the 88 and 61 key versions?)

It would then also adopt similar control buttons as in Maschine Jam, allowing notes, perform FX, macro, and automation from a button right on the keyboard. (The back and enter buttons could be used however necessary, and the arrow keys to navigate from pads /channels 1 - 4, 5 - 8, 9 - 12 (etc).

Also, with the 0 hope of a Maschine Studio MK2, (and essentially the same idea by D-one or Kubrak) the 'modular jog wheel Maschine expansion' (but updated to the MK3's style)

Would be quite cool if NI made it...

Anyways I wonder if a Maschine MK4 is in the works but updated to KK MK3's style? Then again it would make Maschine + seem outdated...

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