Can't add covers

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Hello NI Community,

I need your help please.

My Traktor shows that I am using Traktor version

I tried adding the covers as described in the manual.

But it doesn't work as described in the manual.

The manual says that you should right-click on a track and then click import cover.

But the whole thing doesn't appear after right-clicking.

Does anyone of you have an idea as to what this could be?



  • Paule
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    Seems to be an issue by the coders.

    Please write to NI support and open a ticket, will you?

  • Toxicaudio
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    In case that this is your second thread regarding troubles with covers:

    Try following:

    1. Open Traktor select one specific track, rightclick: delete cover. Close Traktor.
    2. Open MP3Tag, select the specific track. If you see the cover : Right-click on the cover and choose "adjust cover".Leave size at "500" click ok and save the track.
    3. Open Traktor.Load the specific track in a Deck. Normally the cover should appear now.

    If you don't see the cover again, repeat Step 1.

    Open MP3Tag again and remove all covers (front,back,and so on...) from the specific track. Save the track.

    Right click on cover of the specific track and "Add Cover", select your image and adjust size again.

    Save the track.

    Open Traktor and load again in a Deck.

    Try and report.....

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    Here is an older post with some info. Worth reading through.

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