Here is a solution to broken native access MacOS!!!!

mkultra77 Member Posts: 9 Newcomer

If anyone here has been going through the same ***** as I have.

when I uninstall native and everything using this guide (Stupid post wont let me posts links to native instruments guides, It is the "how to uninstall Native access from Mac" guide) it will still log me in and think I have missing software and from there, nothing works, can not install or reinstall anything and I have followed every guide and solution out there, even the set permissions stuff, everything!

I have found a solution!

  1. Reinstall Native Access and once that is done, Log out of native access! (this is important)
  2. uninstall everything according to the guide in the link above
  3. reinstall Native instruments and install your software (you might have to create a Native instruments folder in your applications folder)

I hope this helps as I was actually about to sell all my hardware (I might still)

Please feel free to add this information to the FAQ!!!!!!!!

that is all, thank you

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